Mug Shot Monday

Ah, Mondays… Most of us are back at work, catching up after the weekend. We struggle to get out of bed, recovering from and remembering the last two days with sweet nostalgia. For most of us, a strong cup of coffee or tea gets us through the next few hours until we fall back in pace with the work week, and this time is often a ray of sunshine brought to us by our favorite caffeinated plans in the haze of Monday fog. This is a good time of the week to focus on the cups, mugs, tumblers, and other various handmade items that we use for our morning rituals, and to see what other artists are making and using for theirs. We would like to share with you some images of the mugs from our customers, employees, and crafters who use the products we provide to help give some inspiration, ideas, or just appreciation to a wider audience. If possible, we will include the materials and firing method used for each photo.

CaptureThis series of mugs and cups come from one of our customers, Natalie Reed-Goehl, who is on Instagram as @muddypawspottery. She shared this wonderful image with us using the tag #claykingceramics. Natalie makes some remarkable work, featuring whimsical and strikingly detailed images of various animals. This image features some works in progress, but her finished work can be seen on her Instagram page, or Etsy Page. You can do your own drawings on pots by using various Underglazes and a Xiem Studio Tools Precision Applicator Bottle  . Share your own images in order to be featured using the tags #claykingceramics and #myclayking across social media.


Image may contain: drink and outdoor

This mug, I made and fired over this past week. I used Buncombe White Stoneware by Highwater Clays with a Glacier White Porcelain Slip on the outside. Fired to Cone 6, I used a custom glaze that I mixed, and lost a few years ago. Luckily I found it again, and discovered just how well it turns out. It is a copper green matt glaze fired to cone 6, and likes to develop blue/violet crystals when slow cooled. I will share the recipe with you here and if you would like to mix some yourself, all of these raw materials can be found Here.

Nepheline Syenite 42%
Gillespie Borate 10%
EPK 13%
Whiting 10%
Lithium Carb 6%
Silica 13%
Titanium Dioxide 6%

Copper Carb


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