Mug Shot Monday

Ah, Mondays... Most of us are back at work, catching up after the weekend. We struggle to get out of bed, recovering from and remembering the last two days with sweet nostalgia. For most of us, a strong cup of coffee or tea gets us through the next few hours until we fall back in... Continue Reading →

Preparing Your Kiln for a Vent

One of the most frequently asked technical questions we hear, is "If I order a vent for my kiln, how will I install it?". Many times that phrase is accompanied by a slight nervousness, and that is completely understandable! If someone were to tell me to approach my shiny, new, several-thousand-dollar-piece-of-equipment with a drill, I... Continue Reading →

How to Make a Coffee Pour Over

When was the last time you walked into your favorite local coffee shop, and took a look around, and saw just how many ways there really are to make a cup of coffee? It seems that with each passing year, there is a new method to brew your morning pick me up. Of course you... Continue Reading →

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