Using Sculpey to Make a Stamp

Stamps come in many different shapes and sizes, patterns and images, and can be used for many different purposes. You can buy premade stamps from companies like MKM and Mayco, but did you know you can also make your own? Clay King has recently started carrying Sculpey, and we were curious as to some of its many uses. We decided to see how it would work as a decorative clay stamp, and turns out, it’s perfect! In this post I’ll go over how to use Sculpey to create your own personalized stamp, some of its qualities, and the tools we used. Enjoy!


Things you’ll need

Step One: Prep your tools


This step is pretty self-explanatory. Get everything you’ll need ready to begin your project. A prepped work space is a happy work space.


Step Two: Portion Control

IMG_8817        IMG_8818







Figure out what size stamp you will need and cut away that much. Sculpey  has some precut lines, we used just one bars worth for this project; a larger stamp may need more surface area.


Step Three: Make your shape


By cutting away and smoothing out, use your tools to fashion a flat surface for the top of your stamp. Also pay attention to your stamp’s profile, as this will show when impressed into clay.


Step Four: Carve Away


Here we used a stylus tool, the XST01; the end is a small smooth ball that presses into the Sculpey allowing for very precise design work. Use your Stylus to begin your stamp, and keep in mind that anything you carve needs to be done in reverse.




Step Six: Poke a Hole In it (optional)


By pushing a tool through the bottom of the stamp, I’m thinking ahead to storage. Hang it on a cork board or put it on your key ring, anything to make sure it doesn’t get lost!


Step Seven: Bake it

(not pictured) Place your finished Sculpey stamp into an oven set to 275 degrees, bake for 15 minutes per 1/4″ thickness of your stamp.


Step Eight: Go Stamp Crazy!


Congratulations! You now have your own personalized Sculpey stamp! You can use this to mark your work as a consistent signature, or for any design you wish. The possibilities are endless.


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